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About Us

The Islamic Society of South Atlanta (ISSA) was established in 2010 Stockbridge Georgia. Our start was humble and purposeful. For many years group of Muslim elders and other young professionals and their families used to meet and pray at each others’ houses. It was a small community and Eid was prayed in different places.

However as the community grew in size, this newly formed society decided to get a Center to accommodate the growth. It wasn’t easy. Finding the appropriate location was a challenge due to the limited financial resources and other reasons.

All Muslims living in south Atlanta are consider members of ISSA. ISSA is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that is registered in the State of Georgia.

Our vision is to provide religious and social services to all Muslims in south Atlanta area. We aim to live our vision by providing a variety of services that range from educational, to charitable, social and religious services.

The Pillars of Islam

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  • Shahadah

  • Salah

  • Sawm

  • Zakat

  • Hajj


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